Upcoming Concert Music Projects (Going Into 2013)

Full speed ahead. In the world of my concert music, here is a list of works that are in the pipeline:

  • 434 a piano piece for four hands, using a combination of graphic and traditional notation to depict my thoughts during a time span of 49 minutes in a college class, in which I tallied the number of times the word ‘like’ was used as a filler word. It came out to 434. Annoyance, theatrics and comedy will abound in what I hope will be a poignant musical statement on the English language in modern conversation.


  • Altertango – a tango I wrote for an NYU Tisch student film, showing two alternate timelines of a late night between a man and woman. As it stands, I had to record the whole score in computer instrument (MIDI) format, so I am aiming to re-record it with live musicians, as well as refine the score to craft a more complete compositional piece. Who knows, it might become popular as a tango tune.


  • The Great Escape – a ‘commission’ of sorts by Mix Nouveau, a strings-composition collaborative project at NYU, to be performed in May 2013. Last year, I performed Return to Venezia. This year, it will be The Great Escape, a duet for processed (electronic FX) violin and piano. The message of the piece? Exploring the passage between the worlds of reality and the handheld device screen: the great escape.


  • Paradise Lost: Introduction – in 2009, I wrote an art song based on the text of the first 26 lines of John Milton’s Paradise Lost, for soprano and piano. Now, I will be expanding its sound palette to include a clarinet, viola and cello. This rendition will be performed in a February 2013 concert (details coming next month). And of course I will have it recorded in the studio.


  • Return to Venezia, A Trilogy – as highlighted in a previous post, I am currently writing two preceding movements to my current 10-minute piece Return to Venezia. I will also orchestrate the entire thing. Quite a vast undertaking, of which I hope the end result will be reached in the first half of 2013.

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