Return to Venezia – Promotional Artwork

I am beginning to pivot my 10-minute epic Return to Venezia (duet for viola and piano) into the spotlight. Currently, I’m writing two movements to precede the one I currently have (you can listen to it here: I also have a dancer interested in doing choreography for it, as well as the interest of a member of the New York City Met Opera orchestra. Eventually, I will turn¬†Return to Venezia into a full-blown 30-minute cultural show piece, complete with an orchestra, dancers, and visual multimedia. Call me ambitious, but behind the beginnings of every show of Cirque Du Soleil was a mind, too!

If you, too, are interested in helping me promote this piece (or “project”), please contact me via this website’s contact form. Be sure to read the story of Return to Venezia on its SoundCloud page, just to give you a better idea of what I’m ultimately going for.

Yours Truly,

Matt E.

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