Upcoming Concert Music Projects (Going Into 2013)

Full speed ahead. In the world of my concert music, here is a list of works that are in the pipeline: 434 – a piano
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Return to Venezia – Promotional Artwork

I am beginning to pivot my 10-minute epic Return to Venezia (duet for viola and piano) into the spotlight. Currently, I’m writing two movements to
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Summer in NYC

I’ll be spending the entire summer in New York City, taking summer classes at NYU and hopefully doing a lot of composing and music work.
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Mixing and Mastering

I now have seven demos in my “Film/TV/Game Demos” set on my SoundCloud, but my work with them is not done yet. Fortunately SoundCloud has
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Welcome to MatthewEntwistle.com

Hello, MatthewEntwistle.com is now open for business! Be sure to check back from time to time as I develop this site. Matt E.